The Red Stain

Storytelling is hard wired into the human brain.  Sometimes we make up stories in our minds just to fill in the gaps.  It's how we make sense of things.  As a dry cleaner, I am definitely guilty of this.  I've always been fascinated by the idea of seeing the most intimate pieces of some of my clients, having even memorized some of their wardrobe - yet never actually meeting them.  I could tell you their name, their address, and types of clothes they wear.  But I would have no idea if I walked by them on the street. 

Sometimes, as I'm packing clothes my imagination gets the better of me and I start creating plot lines of where this dress was worn, or what gala this tux recently attended. 

Which is why when I came across the short film "The Red Stain" I couldn't stop smiling throughout the feature.  It tells the story of a married, elderly Italian couple that owns a local cleaner. One of their customers Billy, an American, brings in a Red Stained Shirt and the elderly couple immediately begins fantasizing about all the possible scenarios for the stain.  Each plot thickens with twists and turns as their competing ideas become more outrageous.  

The 10 minute feature is a welcome distraction, especially for a dry cleaner.  😉

So without further adieu, here is "The Red Stain".